A small team making a big difference!

A small team making a big difference!

We caught up with Lizzie Hulton-Harrop, Operations Manager at the Big Give, to learn more about her journey, the charity she works for, her exciting new role, and how they have been using actionable.me.

the Big Give is responsible for the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign, the Christmas Challenge, which has raised over £78 million for charities since 2008.

Tell us a bit about the Big Give?  

Founded by Sir Alec Reed (also known for founding reed.co.uk), the Big Give is an online donation platform for UK-registered charities. We specialise in match funding and run multiple campaigns a year to help charities boost their digital fundraising.

We’ve found the “double your donation” offer to be a great incentive for more people to give and for people to give more.

If you’re a charity looking to take your online fundraising to the next level, you can apply for the Christmas Challenge 2017 (application open on Monday 5th June).

Who’s on the Big Give team?

We are a team of five, consisting of the Director, Website Manager, Operations Manager, Charity Relationship Manager and Operations Executive. The way we work is guided by agile management principles. We take a customer-centric approach to development and prioritise efficiency, responsiveness and collaboration to ensure we deliver the highest value product and service to our customers.

What does your role involve?

I joined the Big Give as Operations Executive in September 2015. I was the first point of contact for the Big Give. A large part of the role was to deliver excellent customer service by responding quickly and diligently to incoming queries by email. This is why I was excited to find out about actionable.me; I could see it would help us to engage more meaningfully with our customers.

I recently got promoted to Operations Manager. In my new role, I work closely with the Website Manager to set up and ensure smooth delivery of our match funding campaigns from a tech perspective. It’s also part of my job to ensure we’re working as efficiently as possible as a team and to remove any obstacles we face.

How are you using actionable.me?

Custom actionable.me Template used in email responses to help outline the different information tracks on the company website.

At the moment we have a couple of buttons set up for emails coming to our general inbox (info@thebiggive.org.uk). This helps us route different types of audiences to different sections on our website. It’s been great to have these to promote our flagship match funding campaign (the Christmas Challenge) and to let people know where to find our FAQs.


One of the best things about actionable.me is the reporting system that comes with it. By logging into your dashboard, you can see how many people are clicking on the buttons and the number of responses you receive as a result of this.

Quick donations template developed for Unless (Non-profit in Belgium using actionable.me)

It’s awesome to see new features coming out so quickly. We were particularly interested in the new banners and pre-built templates to optimise internal as well as external communications.

We are really looking forward to using these and contributing to the future development of the platform!



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