Smart Replies for Businesses

Smart Replies for Businesses

Email is changing. One tap interactions are the norm now.

We were very excited to see that Google just released Smart Replies for iOS and Android this week. Google looks at your incoming emails and then suggest short, three- or four-word replies (think “Sure” or “Yes, thank you”).

However, these interactions only work for mobile Gmail users. What about the other 78% of people that don’t use Gmail1?


How does this help businesses? 

The short answer is that it doesn’t.

Google is getting your prospects used to one tap interactions. However, as a sender there is no way to control the suggested responses as they are based on machine learning Google does based on past responses.

How can companies get ahead of this?

Your company needs the ability to manage, control, brand, test and scale these interactions with prospects and customers.

The responses need to be structured in a way that aligns with the desired outcome on your emails – whether it be to sell, recruit, renew, or educate.

That’s why we’ve built makes it easy for people to take action when you email them. We do this by inserting smart calls to actions directly into the content every email you send.

Using, you can control the actions that appear in your email. actions are email client agnostic, meaning that your propsects and customers will be provide one-click responses to your emails regardless of the email client or device they are using. offers Smart Replies for Businesses

You can find live examples of smart call to actions by clicking the image below:






1Litmus Labs: Email client market share (as of June 2017)