Ask your prospects and customers the hard questions

Ask your prospects and customers the hard questions

“Up to 60% of deals in sales pipelines are currently not being lost to the competition, but to the status quo. Buyers who end up doing nothing.” – IT Marketing World

Yes or No?

Are you really going to buy from me? Sales teams need to nurture their prospects and ask the right questions early on in order to get to this answer as quick as possible.  The kind of questions you need to ask vary depending on which stage of the sales cycle you are at.

Here are a few examples: Template: product research

First meetings

  • Why did you start looking for a solution?
  • What would happen if you don’t buy?
  • Are you looking at other solutions?
  • Who is running the selection process?
  • How are you going to make your decision?

During the first few meetings

  • Why aren’t you responding to me?
  • Have your circumstances changed? Template:  Sales follow up

  • Is pricing too high?

After the deal closes

  • How will we measure success for this engagement?
  • What do we have to deliver for you to renew your contract next year?
  • Can I add your logo to our website?
  • Why did you go with my competitor?

How do you get the answers you need every time?

The obvious answer is to hire a smart & curious workforce and train them well. Companies generally turn to qualification checklists to ensure the basics are covered each time by sales teams.

However, this poses a number of challenges:

  • The process is inefficient and hard to scale
  • There is always something you forget to ask
  • These questions are sometimes uncomfortable to ask
  • What if you need some of these answers to prepare for your call?

Worst of all, because the the amount of information required, sales calls can very easily end up feeling like robotic interrogations – the complete opposite of what you are trying to achieve. makes asking uncomfortable questions painless.

“A team manager can create questions in and distribute them in seconds. This way you can focus your precious call time on high value questions.” – Daniel Arthur, Business Development Manager at Swrve enables you to ask qualification questions routinely and very simply during initial and ongoing email conversations with your prospects and customers. We do this by enabling you to design, test, optimize and distribute smart call to actions in every single email you send.

Prospects will get the opportunity to give you the answers you need with a single click. Responses will then get sent back to you instantly. A number of customers use this process, not only to gather information, but also to move the conversation along and engage prospects during the initial stages of a sales cycle.

Answer one of our hard questions below 😉


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