Get more responses to your sales emails

Get more responses to your sales emails

The purpose of writing an email to someone is usually to get a response.

However today, a person’s average attention span is around 6 seconds and most email content is consumed on mobile. It is almost impossible for someone to read an email from a person that they don’t know, understand if the email is about something that is relevant and type up a response in 6 seconds.

Here are 4 actionable tips on how to increase response rates:

1. Make it easy for people to respond to you – will allow your customers to respond to your emails with one single click – get started here

2. Use short sentences – make your content easy to understand in seconds.

3. Include a question – if you don’t ask for anything, there is nothing to respond to.

4. Optimize your email subject line – if your email isn’t opened, it will not be responded to.

These 4 tips will improve your overall response rates but it is important that you also build a feedback loop to understand why people might be ignoring your emails (read more here).