[IMPORTANT] actionable.me is shutting down

Hi there,

Today we are sharing some sad news about actionable.me.

On Monday July 15th, 2019 the actionable.me platform will be shutting down and will no longer be operational.

As a team, the decision to shut down has been a tough one and not one that we have made lightly. Unfortunately, recent changes in the Gmail API would force us to undergo technical assessments that would cost up to $USD 75,000. We cannot justify this investment so we have decided that shutting down was the right choice to make.

What’s Next

On July 15th, the actionable.me platform will be shut down and will no longer send automated emails from your email sending accounts (this applies to both Gmail and Outlook sending accounts). We will revoke all Gmail & Outlook OAuth tokens stored on our servers and begin the process of taking our databases offline and removing any sensitive information, which we will complete by the end of 2019.

We will no longer be answering support queries moving forward.

Thank you

We are a small team that has come a long way since launching in 2016, and want to thank all of our users from the bottom of our hearts. We’ve come to know many of you personally and it has been a pleasure working with you all.

This is not goodbye!

We have used everything we have learnt in the last 3 years to start a new services company. Check out massiverocket.com if you wish to continue the journey with us!

We wish you all the best, and hope to cross paths soon 🙂

Keep in touch!

Thierry, Jackson, Olivier, Charbs & Fred

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