Welcome to the age of Empowerment Selling!

Welcome to the age of Empowerment Selling!

The way people are buying has changed

It is quite fascinating to watch how sales models have had to adapt to buyers over the last 3 decades. Nowadays, most buyers have already made up their minds and done their homework prior to having a serious conversation with services or goods providers. In that increasingly likely scenario, your sales team can no longer count on solution selling, traditional outreach methodologies or even social selling.

Emails still dominate

Despite the increased use of chats, social networking, and other forms of communication, email continues to show steady growth, while every other service requires installation and for users to have an email address to gain access. All online transactions (i.e. shopping, banking, etc.) require a valid email address.

Emails are here to stay, to this day they will remain the primary, safest, and most effective channel for corporate communications. The average worker in the western world, sends and receives over 12,000 emails per year. According to McKinsey & Company, the email conversion rate is 40x those of Facebook or Twitter. Furthermore, relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than broadcast emails.

Traditional sales tactics don’t work anymore

However, Spamming is actually illegal. It is time for companies (large or small) to step up, and realize that their employees and reputation are at stake.

5 reasons companies see high unsubscribe rates on email lists:

1. Members never signed up in the first place
2. Members didn’t realize they signed up
3. You are emailing too often
4. They can’t view your email
5. They don’t care about what you are telling them at that point in time.

Bottom line: Every organisation should understand that their email communication is a direct extension of their brands which in turn is a reflection of their employees. Having someone’s email address is a privilege that should not be abused.

Emails still need a lot of work

While emails are the best digital channel for ROI, they are clunky and can often be irrelevant and annoying! Salesforce (the SaaS CRM platform) reports that only 48% of employees open emails regarding internal communication. It typically takes 6 to 8 touches to generate a viable sales lead and another 5 to 10 to close the deal. The main reason for this stat is that consumers are immune to traditional advertising and marketing strategies. Only 1 meeting or demo is typically locked for every 25 qualified Marketing Leads.

The challenge for senders (service or goods providers) is to find new ways of maximising the “email format”.

That is why actionable.me is making emails better

At actionable.me, we decided to lead the charge and embrace the way people are buying in 2017, by giving sales teams the tools necessary to compete in the age of Empowerment Selling. We have developed tools that will help you follow the “Uber model” when talking to your prospects. Reducing friction and maximising value with a simple and intuitive “one-tap” approach.

Imagine the possibilities?

➤  Convert your marketing leads into sales leads
  Book meetings and demos quicker
➤  Prioritise leads automatically
➤  Save time on lead follow up    
➤  Predict and reduce churn


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