The 9 Best Email Address Finder Tools Reviewed: Find Anyone’s Email

The 9 Best Email Address Finder Tools Reviewed: Find Anyone’s Email

When sending out cold emails, finding an email address is often the hardest process. The majority of your prospects will not list their email address publicly, meaning that you’ll need to do extra research or guessing to send an email to that person. This is especially true if you find prospects using LinkedIn, with the vast majority of LinkedIn profile pages not displaying email addresses by default, or displaying only a personal email address unrelated to the company that the prospect works for.

Fortunately there are tools that tackle the problem of finding email addresses. These tools can save you valuable hours in your day & help you increase productivity when you are cold emailing.

In this post we rounded up & reviewed 9 of the best email address finder tools available in 2018.

Skrapp (recommended)

Skrapp provides both a web based platform & Chrome Extension that allows you to find email addresses via name/company, or directly from LinkedIn searches & profile pages. Skrapp’s web platform also includes an advanced dashboard that allows you to store your leads in a segmented directory, and export them to CSV. Skrapp integrates with various CRM’s, Email Service Providers & File Sharing Systems, allowing you to automate your email finding process. Their free plan includes 100 free email credits/month, with paid plans starting at $49/month.

We personally use Skrapp at to find email addresses and find that they have the best balance of ease of use, accuracy, & integrations. Skrapp’s bulk LinkedIn export feature also allowed us to be extra efficient with our cold email campaigns.

Sign up for Skrapp here

Skrapp LinkedIn Profile

Skrapp LinkedIn Export

Skrapp Dashboard

Anymail finder

Anymail finder¬†allows you to find someone’s email address by entering their name & website/company name into their web based platform. Alternatively you can find emails for a whole company by entering just the company’s website domain. They offer 20 verified emails for free, and paid plans start from $49/month. Anymail finder only charges for emails that have an average deliverability over 97%. Email addresses that have been pattern matched or found on the web are provided for free.

Sign up for Anymail finder here

Anymail Finder

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect allows you find any email in under five seconds, right from your inbox. It is available as either a Chrome Extension that connects to your Gmail account, or as an Outlook Add-In. After installed, Clearbit Connect will allow you to search for email addresses by clicking on a Clearbit button inside your inbox (Gmail/Outlook) & then entering a company name & person’s name. The Chrome Extension is only available for GSuite accounts (personal Gmail accounts cannot be used). A free plan offers 100 search credits/month. Clearbit is great if you live inside your Gmail or Outlook inbox.

Download Clearbit Connect here

Clearbit Connect


“The Yellow Pages of Email”, FindThatEmail contains both a web based platform & Chrome Extension that allows you to find email addresses. It integrates with over 500 apps via a Zapier integration and boasts over 100 million verified emails. The Chrome Extension allows you to find email addresses directly from social network profiles including LinkedIn. The free plan comes with 50 free monthly credits whilst paid plans start at $29/month.

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FindThatLead allows you to get people’s email with just one click. Searches are done by typing a domain name and each 10 results costs 1 credit. Searches can be filtered by Personal or Generic email addresses. The free plan includes 150 credits/month & paid plans start at $29/month.

Sign up for FindThatLead here



Hunter lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business. Searches can be done in their Chrome Extension or web based platform by entering a domain name. Each email address returned also includes the sources (e.g. the website url’s) where the email address was found. The Hunter Chrome Extension also includes a nifty feature that allows you to find email addresses of anyone that works at the website you currently have open in Chrome with a single click. Their free plan includes 100 requests/month and paid plans start at $39/month.

Download Hunter hereHunter


LeadFinder by AppDrag is a unlimited free service that provides email addresses when given a first name, last name, & company domain/name. Whilst it doesn’t have the most extensive database, and in personal testing returned less email addresses than competitors like Hunter or Skrapp, it’s unlimited free plan makes it an attractive option for finding email addresses.

Start using LeadFinder for free here



LeadGibbon is a Chrome Extension that allows you to find addresses directly from a LinkedIn search or profile page. Email addresses can then be exported to Google sheets complete with name, title, company, location, industry and more. Whilst we found LeadGibbon’s LinkedIn features to be very useful, their signup process was the least user friendly of all the tools we reviewed. LeadGibbon offer a 7 day free trial, with paid plans starting at $99/month.

Download LeadGibbon here



RocketReach is a Chrome Extension that allows you to find email addresses from LinkedIn Profiles, AngelList, or Crunchbase. RocketReach also contains a web based platform that allows you to search using only a name, unlike most other competitors which require a name & company domain/name. Their free plan provides 5 lookups per month, and paid plans start at $39/month.

Download RocketReach here

RocketReach LinkedIn

RocketReach Platform


I Have Email Addresses, Now What?

After finding the email addresses of your cold email prospects, naturally the next step is to cold email them!

We have a few tips when it comes to cold email that will help you get started and become a cold email pro in no time:

Finally, if you’re looking to automate your cold email process using a tool, we offer a free tool at

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