We are interviewing

Contact thierry@actionable.me or talk to us directly with the chat on our website.

Even if you don’t exactly fit the role description. We always love meeting new and exciting people!

Our Values

  • Awesomeness – We work on cool stuff with cool people. If it’s not awesome, we won’t do it.
  • LightSpeed – we dream, plan and execute faster than anyone else.
  • UserFirst – we deliver as much value as possible to as many users as possible as quick as possible.
  • Transparency – no bureaucracy, conspiracies or corridor whispers. We deal with issues quickly, fairly and openly so we can go back to working on awesome things.
  • NoExcuses – We get sh** done, no excuses, just results.

Beyond just technical skills, We are looking for people who are: Curious, Hard working, Fast learners, Fearless and Stubborn.